Curtain Call

It’s the curtain call,

As the show gets over we bow down,

Here comes the call, here the curtain falls,

The time slows over, feet shivering on.

Getting through time is like an act on a stage,

Fixing life, our lives page after page,

Just hoping to get through the day.

Salmeen Hathrash

When Ever You Miss Me.

Agreed that we’ve walked away,

But know that ,

When ever you miss me, you know the way,

Never to forget each other,

Is what you used to say,

But know that,

When ever you miss me, you know the way,

How much ever distance there be,

For you not to be in my view,

In my dreams is where I’ll see you,

Let there be rain,

When ever you miss me, you know the way.

– Salmeen Hathrash


A little bit of this, a little bit of that,

A little bit of everything, yes that’s what I like,

But everything is what we can’t have,

Neither a little from here, nor a little from there,

I now just thrive to survive,

On I.V brain dead, heart failed waiting to be revived.

– Salmeen Hathrash